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About Us

“Interpharma” Ltd. is a pharmaceutical wholesaler located in the south of Poland in the city of Gliwice. The company was established in 1990 as a wholesaler with just a few para pharmaceuticals for the local market. Within three years, in 1993 Interpharma became a pharmaceutical wholesaler serving the needs of pharmacies, hospitals, institutions of medical care, nursing homes, GP and dental surgeries, emergency rooms and schools.

The company offers a vast range of medicine products, medical products, bandages, vaccines, health compresive goods, disinfection products, disposable devices, sterilization products.

In 2001 Interpharma Sp. z o.o. became an importer in Poland of FIBRO-VEIN, which is produced by STD Pharmaceutical.

Following, in 2005 "INTERPHARMA" became an importer of MAXIS products, a Czech

company specialized in production of health compressive goods.

The strength of Interpharma lies in its dedicated team of specialists addressing the needs of clients with the utmost care and speed. Our aim is to accomplish all orders within 48 hours and we offer a very personalised service. As well as favorable terms and a wide choice of pharmaceuticals, we aspire to continuously meet the highest standards of the industry and to remain highly valued by our clients.

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